Neurologic Based Chiropractic

Chiropractic CareThe goal of Neurologic Based Chiropractic Care is to achieve and maintain neural integrity. Research today in the field of neuroscience demonstrates the importance of understanding the role of the nervous system in the relationship between health and disease. Over time, chronic stressors (physical, emotional, chemical, electromagnetic) can create patterns of neurological activity that compromise neural integrity and lead to health challenges. These patterns can eventually manifest into a variety of symptoms/conditions including but not limited to pain, headaches, ear infections, chronic fatigue, ulcers, high blood pressure, IBS, etc.

Maintaining neural integrity through chiropractic care improves the body’s communication pathways, allowing for optimal adaptation response and therefore a better state of health. It’s important to understand that the chiropractic adjustment is a feedback system. Feedback is a process whereby the results of an action serve continually to modify further action. We see this in the effect that the chiropractic adjustment has on multiple systems of the body. Research has already been done to prove the chiropractic adjustment directly affects the immune response and has the ability to alter abnormal neurological patterns. It is also well documented that the chiropractic adjustment alters brainwave function, sensory function and motor activity.

Chiropractic treatment plans are determined based on individual needs, severity/length of condition, history of injury, etc.

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