Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor and Consumer Health Advocate my passion is to provide you with tools and information that will help you to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

My approach is comprehensive and compliments any existing health care program. All initial consultations begin with required blood work.  A lab slip (if you have BCBS of WNY) can be requested by calling the office.  It’s important to confirm coverage for blood work with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling with lab.  Alternatively, a list of required labs can be provided for you to request from your primary doctor.

Functional Nutrition Programs include dietary modifications as well as specifically focused short-term whole food supplement protocols. (cost additional)

**Consultations by email/phone are also available

Initial Office Consultations Include: (Cost $150)

  • Review of current diet
  • Comprehensive history & assessment
  • Functional blood chemistry analysis
  • Supplementation suggestions based on labs
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching
  • Stress management tools

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