Listen To Your Body

listentoyourbodyOur bodies are always “talking” to us in one way or another. When our stomach rumbles with hunger, we respond by eating. When we’re fatigued and can’t hold our eyes open, we respond by resting. It’s only when we refuse to listen or when we don’t understand what to listen for, that our bodies “turn up the volume” in an effort to get us to pay attention.

This can often result in a manifested illness or dis-ease in the body.

The Holistic approach to health brings with it the awareness that there is an emotional/spiritual component to health as well as a physical component. Achieving balance requires paying attention to both.

Some of the tools that we use to help the body regain balance include specific nutrition, chiropractic care, Bach flower Therapy, emotional freedom coaching and Braincore Therapy.

Common Problems (with possible corresponding Physical and Emotional Components)

Problem Physical Component Emotional Component
Anxiety Deficiency of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins Lack of self approval/self acceptance
Arthritis Wear and tear, calcium depletion, adrenal exhaustion Suppressed resentment, self criticism; feeling unloved
Asthma Food allergies, chronic fungal/parasite infection Feeling stifled; suppressed grief
Bladder Problems Ligament weakness, infection, toxicity/congestion Holding on to old ideas; pissed off!
High Blood Pressure Calcium/fiber deficiency, insulin resistance, thyroid imbalance, thickened blood from excess mucous/waste Longstanding emotional problem not solved
Breast Problems Poor liver function, B vitamin and/or iodine deficiency Refusal to nourish self; putting everyone else first
Colon Problems Lack of fiber and/or healthy gut bacteria; infection Holding on to past; Fear of letting go
Depression Hormonal imbalance, B vit. and/or mineral deficiency Suppressed anger
Fungus Depleted healthy gut flora, candida, excess sugar Refusing to release the past; letting the past rule
Gallbladder Problems Sluggish thick bile, congested liver Unresolved bitterness; judgmental, inflexible
Headaches Lack of trace minerals, and/or B vits (esp B12), hormonal imbalances Invalidating the self; Self-criticism
Heart Problems Prolonged lack of essential nutrients (Vit.B, E, CoQ10…) Issues around love and security
Hip Problems Poor circulation, depleted collagen/ligament nutrients Fear of going forward in major decisions
Indigestion Enzyme depletion, poor gut flora, congested liver Gut level fear, dread, anxiety
Kidney Stones Phosphorous deficiency disrupting proper calcium/phosphorous ratio; low fiber/high fat diet Undissolved anger
Liver Problems Poor diet; excess alcohol and/or prescription drugs; viral Seat of anger; chronic complaining; justifying
Tumors/Cysts Internal toxicity; poor assimilation/digestion Nursing old hurts and shocks; building remorse
Ulcers Mental/Emotional stress, over acidic system, poor food combining, GI irritants – antacids, NSAIDS, coffee, alcohol, smoking Fear; Strong belief that you are not good enough
Varicose Veins Low fiber/high animal diet, weak connective tissue, EFA deficiency, lack of Vitamins A, C, E, liver malfunction Standing in situation you hate; discouragement; feeling overworked and overburdened

This list is by no means absolute, but merely suggests potential contributing factors

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