Facts About Pesticides

pesticides(From: “Go Organic! Because Pesticides Don’t Know When To Stop Killing”- Feel Rite Markets)

Certified organic food is grown (or raised) in a way that supports our earth and ecosystems. This means no synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used. What this translates to is not only cleaner food, but food that is higher in nutrients than its conventional counterpart. (University of Copenhagen Study, 2000)

  • Pesticides are poisons that are designed to kill living things (such as pests)
  • According to the EPA, rinsing/cleaning conventional produce does nothing to remove the pesticides that absorb into the fruit or vegetable.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 30% of all insecticides, 60% of all herbicides and 90% of all fungicides to be potential carcinogens, yet these chemicals are still on the market and used on commercially produced food.
  • The National Cancer Institute has indicated that children are 6 times more likely to develop childhood leukemia when pesticides are used in the home.
  • Stanford University recently announced commonly used pesticides may kill brain cells and increase the chance of developing Parkinson’s disease by 70%.
  • Every day, 1 million children in the United States under the age of five consume unsafe levels of pesticides that can harm the developing brain and nervous system. Children are more susceptible to the toxic effects of pesticides.
  • The Lancet Medical Journal recently reported that men who consume organically grown foods produce 43% more sperm than those who eat conventionally grown, pesticide laden food.
  • The EPA estimates that pesticides contaminate the ground water in 38 states polluting the primary drinking water supply of more than half of the country’s population.
  • Some pesticides are hormone disruptors which interfere with normal growth, development and function. There is mounting evidence linking pesticides with nervous and immune system disorders, increases in birth defects, impaired sexual development and many cancers.
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